Pregnancy calendar.

Congratulations, your pregnancy test is positive! Here are a few key stages in your baby’s development over the next 9 months.

1st month

At this stage baby is an embryo measuring 1.5 mm: the size of a pin head! They are microscopic and yet they already contain all their genetic characteristics, such as the colour of their eyes and hair and their sex.

2nd month

Baby looks like a little seahorse and measures between 11 and 14 mm. You can see where their limbs will be and their face begins to form. Whilst their vital organs are all present, they’re not yet functional. Be patient! Their little heart is already starting to beat.

3rd month

Baby is now a foetus measuring 6 cm and weighing 14 g. The limbs are growing and their extremities are becoming more defined. Baby now has tiny little fingers and even fingernails!

6th month

At 6 months, your baby measures approximately 21 cm and weighs more than 630 g. They are now fully formed and will grow for the rest of the pregnancy. They are beginning to open their eyes and hair is beginning to grow on their scalp.

4th month

Baby has doubled in size and now measures 12 cm. Their tastebuds are fully functional so give them a range of different flavours to taste!

5th month

Your little one measures 16 cm: they are big and strong enough to begin to start kicking. You should begin to feel them moving. And it is at your 5-month scan that you will be able to find out the sex of your baby if you choose to.

7th month

Baby should hit the 1 kg mark for 25 cm. They spend the day sleeping while sucking their thumb or playing with the umbilical cord and their feet.

9th month

Baby is considered to be full-term and is waiting for the same thing as you: coming out! They can weigh up to 3 kg and it is a very snug fit in their mother’s belly. Patience…

8th month

Baby is becoming chubby: 1.7kg for 27 cm! They now find it difficult to move and turn in the womb. At this stage, they position themselves head down definitively in preparation for the birth.

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