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Golden rules for weaning baby

Weaning corresponds with the moment that baby stops breastfeeding to start feeding from a bottle or onto a range of foods if they are 6 months or more. It is an obligatory step that can take place very calmly if the transition is made in a gentle way by following our advice.

Gradual weaning:

Do not stop breastfeeding from one day to the next! spread weaning over 3 to 4 weeks by progressively replacing a feed with a bottle.

Make up the first bottles with your breast milk

So that baby gently gets used to the bottle.

If baby refuses

don’t try to force them! Simply try again the following day. You can also try changing the teat or get someone else to give baby their bottle.

Opt for slightly warm milk

in the bottle so that it is more like breast milk.

Try and avoid giving them the bottle in the place where you would normally breastfeed.

You need to break the old routine to establish a new one!

During the first bottles

Hold baby tightly against you, talk to them softly and cuddle them to offset their frustration and ensure that they associate the bottle with a pleasurable moment.

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