Preparing for birth

Preparing for birth

Congratulations! Your little one is soon going to introduce themselves the world! For their arrival, your baby will need their own little things. So take Dad by the hand and share a special moment together and prepare to welcome your new baby. Don’t wait until the end of your pregnancy: you will be tired and fighting your way round the shops could quickly make what should be a pleasurable experience distinctly hard work.

Let’s go to the maternity ward !

Getting your bags ready for the maternity ward can be a real puzzle: you want to travel light, but be prepared for all eventualities! Whatever you do, don’t worry. The medical staff knows exactly what you need and will be able to provide the necessary. The most important thing is to ensure that you have all your papers (ID card, insurance papers…) as well as clean clothes for you and your baby. Opt for comfortable clothes which are easy to put on. You might like to pack a pretty outfit to welcome visitors and to look radiant on souvenir photos! The rest depends on your own personal needs: make up, a water mister, a book…and you can always count on dad to bring you anything you have forgotten !

A practical wardrobe

Baby needs specific clothes. The key word here is practicality ! Baby gets dirty very quickly and you will need to change them several times a day. This is why clothing with poppers or snap fastenings is a great idea. Also choose clothing that is 100% cotton to respect your little one’s skin as much as possible. Once you have fulfilled these two requirements, you can choose whatever you like… in moderation! Clothing is everybody’s favourite gift to celebrate your new arrival and baby will grow at an amazing rate ! After only 2 months, their new-born outfits will no longer fit them.

A cosy nest

Perhaps you have decided that baby will sleep in your bedroom for the first few months. This is not compulsory, but some parents can find it reassuring. Be careful that this practice doesn’t go on for too long however! Afterwards baby may never want to sleep by themselves again. Whatever you choose, one day baby will need their own bedroom. The key piece? The cradle! Smaller than a bed, baby will feel protected. Only one golden rule: a firm mattress. For the rest of the room, give your imagination a free rein. Paint the walls in pastel shades, use stickers, invest in a toy box, lay a fun carpet or buy a rug…don’t forget a chest of drawers for their things and a changing table if your bathroom is small. In short, have fun preparing baby’s room !

Outings with baby

Life returns to normal, but in a new and improved way! Doing a supermarket run, going shopping, seeing friends… All your usual routines now include baby. It is therefore very important that you are equipped so that baby can come with you on your adventures. A comfortable mode of transport is essential. But which one should you choose ?

Car seat

Car seat

The advantages : absolutely essential in the car!

The disadvantages : none, for security reasons, car seats are compulsory.



The advantages : baby can sleep deeply and you don’t need to carry them, guaranteed comfort for all!

The disadvantages : bulky and more expensive than other forms of transport.

Front or back baby carriers

Front or back baby carriers

The advantages : intimate contact with baby and affordable.

The disadvantages : you need to support baby’s weight. Also, it can be complicated to find a baby carrier that is suited to their size as well as yours, is easy to put on and comfortable for all concerned !

Baby carrying scarf

Baby carrying scarf

The advantages : intimate contact and several possible positions with just one scarf. Low price!

The disadvantages : The time it takes to learn how to attach the scarf.

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Questions / Answers

Sleeping on the left or right side is the safest position. It is more dangerous to sleep on your back, and even though, there is no real reason to worry (opinion of the National Health Service).
Some women do prefer to sleep on their left side to liberate the vena cava and encourage better blood circulation.

Generally speaking, feeling tired is common during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. Fatigue is a result of hormonal changes in particular… Progesterone, for example, a hormone that is secreted during pregnancy, has sedative properties and acts like a natural sleeping tablet! Energy levels tend to be higher during the 2nd trimester and sleep improves and becomes more replenishing. During the 3rd trimester, however, sleep can be disturbed (insomnia, discomfort, need to urinate, cramps..). At the end of pregnancy, tiredness can also be related to the extra weight you have gained and your bump which makes it hard to get a good night’s sleep.
All of this varies from woman to woman.

The mother’s diet during pregnancy is essential for baby’s development. It is during pregnancy that baby experiences different flavours for the first time and starts to develop their own food preferences. So it is important to ensure that you have a healthy, balanced and varied diet and that you avoid food that is not recommended for pregnant women. To get a good understanding of the types of food that are recommended and those which should be avoided or limited during pregnancy, you can take a look at and download our information sheet: My diet during pregnancy