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Quality and Traceability control


Nactalia puts all its energy into guaranteeing an optimal product safety and constantly improving the quality during the entire manufacturing process.








When producing an infant formula, each batch is submitted to more than 200 controls.

Nactalia commits to traceability and quality control of its products during all the manufacturing stages. Traceability is achieved through the usage of a bar code from raw material to final product:

Controlled access to raw material: belonging to the Sodiaal Group gives us an easy and safe access to milk

Quality control throughout the manufacturing process: controls on raw material, ingredients, semi-finished and finished product before delivering the consumer markets

Optimal traceability following sensorial, physical chemical, nutritional and bacteriological criteria.

Established partnerships with our raw materials and packaging suppliers: excellence of our quality specifications and constant audits of our suppliers to guarantee a total food safety

Every component and ingredient of any infant formula you purchase is identified by a bar code ensuring complete traceability and food safety throughout the manufacturing process.