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Compliant with European regulations

Nactalia commits to strictly comply with the specific European regulations regarding infant nutrition.




Breast milk is the ideal food for your infant.

According to the WHO, breast milk is the first natural food for infants: all the calories and nutrients the infant needs during the first month of life are contained in it and it covers up to more or less half of his nutritional needs during the second semester of life and up to one third of his nutritional needs in the second year.
Breastfeeding is the perfect way of providing an infant all the nutrients he needs for his normal healthy growth.

Nevertheless in a woman’s life there are sometimes reasons preventing from breastfeeding, either because the mother is unable or does not wish to breastfeed. Adapted infant foods are available to feed her baby.

 Infant food is subject to specific European regulations (Directive CE/141/2006) aiming at ensuring:

a nutritional formulation tailored to the babies’ needs at different ages
very strict safety criteria (infections, microbiology) guaranteeing a high quality standard

4 categories are used to classify infant food:

Infant formulas meet the entire nutritional needs of infants who are not breastfed. According to European regulations, infant preparations are the only modified ingredients supplying infants with all they need from birth to the stage of food diversification.
Follow-on formulas meet the infants’ needs in milk up to the food diversification stage from the minimum age of 6 months.
 Simple Infant cereals (added to the infant’s usual follow-on formula) or milky infant cereals (mixed with water)
Diversification food adapted to babies: small fruit pots, infant cereals, tray menus, biscuits, fruit juice, purées and soups, fresh dairy products for babies.