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Nactalia 3 Organic


Our scientific teams have developed  Nactalia Growing-Up Milk  to take over from Nactalia 2 for babies older than 1 year. It is formulated from at least 95% of organic ingredients.








Between 1 and 3 years of age, your baby still has specific needs, that can not be fully met by cow’s milk. Therefore our scientific teams have developed Nactalia Growing-up milk to take over from Nactalia 2.

We recommend giving your child 500 ml of Nactalia 3 Growing-up milk per day from 1 to 3 years of age to meet his nutritional needs and encourage the child’s normal healthy growth.



  Transition milk between follow-on milk and cow’s milk
 Source of diversified carbohydrates (lactose, dextrin maltose, glucose syrup, fructo-oligosaccharides) for an optimal digestion
 Source of diversified lipids to contribute to the brain and retina development
 Provides all vitamins and essential minerals needed for the infant’s development
 Minimum 95% of the ingredients are organic


Powder: 400g metallic tin with measuring scoop and inner-rim for a correct dosage of the feeding-bottle



Store the hermetically sealed tin in a cool dry place


Feeding table

This table is a guide. It must be adjusted to the individual needs of your baby. Ask your doctor for advice.
Dosage: one levelled scoop of powder (approx. 4,4g) + 30 ml of water.