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Nactalia 2 AR Anti-Regurgitation


Babies have often digestive problems during their first year of life as their digestive system is still immature and fragile. As it is only a temporary situation, these troubles tend to disappear after one year.








Nearly one out of 2 babies brings up milk! Even though these digestive problems are frequent and harmless, you might be concerned and need to take care of them.



 Formula thickened with starch to prevent the infant’s regurgitations and reflux from the age of 6 months
Adapted for a continuous feeding from 6 to 12 months
No need for a special teat as its liquid consistence only thickens once in your baby’s stomach
A reflux happening just after bottle feeding is harmless and does not require a change of milk

Target consumer group

Nactalia 2 AR is suitable for babies with proper regurgitations (happening long after a feed and in large quantities)


Powder: 400g metallic tin with measuring scoop and inner-rim for a correct dosage of the feeding-bottle



Store the hermetically sealed tin in a cool dry place