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Nactalia Milk Based Cereals 




Often babies start food diversification by eating infant cereals. This way, they progressively accept more solid food and slowly get used to varied tastes.








Food diversification is a very important transition period in the life of infants. From 6 months, infants’ energy needs increase as they develop their mobility and their physical activities as well. Moreover, infants often take their first steps during this period, and begin to be interested in what they eat. Infants start the learning process of life.


Our nutritionists have developed Nactalia’s Cereal range, to meet your infant’s needs for energy and essential growth nutrients during breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding:

 12 vitamins
 Calcium and Iron

Ideal as first spoon feeding, Nactalia offer several flavors for it's Cereal range: 

Wheat & Fruit
Wheat & Honey
Wheat & Vanilla

Rice & Vanilla

Progressive introduction of Nactalia milk based cereals will stimulate your baby’s interaction skills by making him explore new textures and delicious tastes.



250g sachet



Store the sachet in its box in a cool dry place


Preparation instructions

   Pour the recommended amount (according to the feeding table) of Nactalia milk based cereals in a plate
   Add the boiled water, cooled down to approximately 45°C, simultaneously stirring with a fork
   Leave to stand for a few minutes before serving