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Our history


Nactalia, a French brand.
Being part of the Sodiaal Group, French leading dairy co-operative group collecting more than 5 billion litres of milk (approximately 25% of the French milk), reinforces Nactalia’s strengths and history.









Gervais Lait and Eurial regroup their activities in 1994 and create the Nactalia brand. Nactalia is a key player in the milk history thanks to its initiatives: square carton packaging, products tailored to each specific category of consumer (pregnant women, sportsman/woman, children,…), goats’ milk drink, launch of a dairy product range containing fruit juice and first brand to launch organic milk.


In 1999, the brand Nactalia is absorbed by the brand Candia ("Milk" subsidiary of Sodiaal group) thus benefiting from the strength and know-how of the Sodiaal group.

In 1997, the Sodiaal group launches an ambitious project aimed at providing its customers and consumers with comprehensive milk quality, from production to consumption.



The “Route Du Lait ®” is the first quality assurance approach of the French dairy sector. It integrates sanitary guarantees, hygiene, animal well-being, respect of the environment, professionalism of the producers and quality of the services provided by the group’s co-operatives.

The qualified “Route du Lait ®” producers are fully committed to guarantee the quality and traceability of the milk to meet the requirements of the consumers in terms of food safety and respect of the environment.







Now Nactalia’s liquid milk is commercialised in France by retailers.








Based on its French success, the brand is expanding its activities to the international market.
Nactalia now provides its know-how in many countries thanks to its constant innovation strategy coupled with quality products meeting the last European and international regulations.