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The “Route Du Lait”®


The Sodiaal Group launched in 1997 the “Route Du Lait”®, first quality assurance approach of the French dairy sector aimed at providing its consumers with quality from production to consumption.




Launched in 1997 by the Sodiaal Group, the “Route du Lait®” is the first quality assurance approach of the French dairy sector.
It integrates sanitary guarantees, hygiene, animal well-being, respect of the environment, professionalism of the producers and quality of the services provided by the group’s co-operatives.

The objective is to guarantee product origin and production methods.

Milk producers and the teams of the co-operative services are fully committed to meet the requirements of the consumers in terms of food safety and respect of the environment.

The “Route Du Lait®”, as an operational management system of the quality, from farm to factory, constitutes genuine progress for all those involved and enables continuous improvement on a daily basis, while respecting the demands of the customers and, more specifically, consumers.