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Historical of the Sodiaal Group



Being part of the Sodiaal Group, French leading dairy co-operative group collecting 5 billion litres of milk (approximately 21% of the French milk), reinforces Nactalia’s strengths and history. 



6 regional dairy co-operatives decide to create a common company (Sodima) to sell their products at a national level.

The co-operatives abandon their regional brands and create Yoplait, the national common brand.

Sodima creates Candia, the leading national milk brand.

Birth of Sodiaal which is today the leading French dairy co-operative and one of the top in Europe.

The « industrial products » activities of Sodiaal regroup under a new entity: Sodiaal Industrie is born and becomes the fourth subsidiary of the group.

Launch of « La Route Du Lait® », a quality assurance program and commitment involving all members of Sodiaal.

Cedilac-Candia absorbs the drinking milk branch of Eurial Poitouraine including the brand Nactalia. Candia reinforces its position as leader in the French drinking milk market.

Sodiaal and PAI, a leading French and European financial investor, conclude a partnership for Yoplait. This partnership will strengthen Yoplait’s growth potential through increased efforts for innovation and marketing.

Sodiaal, Entremont and Unicoopa (these two last companies form today the Entremont Alliance group) conclude an alliance to give birth to Beuralia thus aiming to become a significant player of the edible fats and oil market.

This alliance elevates Candia to the rank of first French player with a production of 1,6 billion litres sold.

Sodiaal and Bongrain combine the activities of their respective subsidiaries Fromageries Riches Monts and Compagnie des Fromages in a common corporation.

The activities of Sodiaal Industrie and Cofranlait (subsidiaries of Sodiaal and Entremont Alliance) in powdered baby milk, health food products and processed dairy products are concentrated within Nutribio.

The decision to merge of 7 cooperative unions gives birth to a unique cooperative: Sodiaal Union.

Sodiaal takes over Entremont Alliance thus giving birth to a European cooperative dairy group incorporating a wide range of professions and active on the whole territory. Sodiaal becomes the second dairy group on the French market.


The General Meeting of Sodiaal Union, held on January 8, voted for the merger of 3A Coop.