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How to breastfeed ?

Breastfeeding is a magic, intimate moment between a mother and her baby. The first days can sometimes be difficult but the baby gradually learns to feed.







A few precautions should be taken when breastfeeding.

Mothers can breastfeed lying down, by propping up the top of their body with a pillow, or sitting in an armchair. Each mother will find her preferred position over time.

Choose a quiet place.

Placed against the breast, the baby will try to feed thanks to its natural and innate suckling reflex. Place the nipple properly in its mouth with your hand and then let the child feed. The infant knows what it needs and you must therefore follow its requests by removing the breast gently from its mouth when it has stopped suckling.

Breasts must be cleaned everyday with a neutral soap and/or mineral water, and then properly dried.